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If the current virus is less of a concern than your incontinence or erectile dysfunction following treatment for your prostate cancer – Prof. Craig Allingham is now available for Telehealth consultations to help get your rehab on track.

Learn how to activate the right pelvic muscles the right way for the right training effect. Let Prof. Allingham tailor a program to suit you and where you are up to in your recovery and what goals you want to achieve. Not just reducing leaking, getting rid of pads but also general fitness, return to work or other activity and hopefully an active sex life. His post-grad training in men’s health, sports science and education and twenty years of working with men undergoing what you are experiencing now, make him ideally placed to get you sorted.

A Telehealth appointment is an online video consultation using specialised technology to ensure your privacy and security. Craig is located in Australia so you will need to adjust your local time to fit with his limited online availability.

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These online consults are targeted for men who have prostate cancer and are –

  • Awaiting surgery to remove their prostate and want to prepare their pelvic floor for recovery
  • Recovering from surgery to remove their prostate and are using pads for bladder leakage
  • Having urinary symptoms of frequency, urgency or dribbling (even without cancer or surgery)
  • Experiencing erectile dysfunction following treatment
  • Having post-treatment symptoms of pain, constipation, urinary frequency or urgency
  • Looking for safe and effective physical training programs to improve strength, power, posture, endurance and fitness
  • Looking for general health, nutrition and activity advice specific to prostate cancer recovery
  • Seeking reassurance that they are doing all they can to maximise their recovery and health

How Many Appointments?
Most men will require one or maybe two online consults to meet their goals. Be aware that this is not a treatment or cure for your problem, it is a professional and expert consultation to educate and direct your rehabilitation specific to your current status. You will be asked to do some work, actually you will do all of the work – and get all of the benefits.

Are These Sessions Covered by Insurance?
It depends on your insurer, you will need to check with them.
For Australian Private Health Fund members, from April 14th 2020 you can claim a rebate (part of the fee) provided you meet the following conditions:

  • Your cover includes physiotherapy (usually under the Extras table)
  • You have been recommended for men’s health physio telehealth by your general practitioner or urologist. A referral to Craig Allingham would be an advantage.

To make a Telehealth appointment with Prof Allingham, simply,

  1. Select a service from the link below – first time clients are recommended to select the initial consultation
  2. From the Calendar page, select a day
  3. From the Diary, select an available appointment (times are Brisbane AUS – conversion here)
  4. Register your details so the introductory paperwork and information can be forwarded before the appointment. 
  5. Note that payment must be made prior to the appointment. You will be advised how this can be done depending where you live. Refunds are available if you cancel.
  • Fees are Australian dollars so your local currency will vary (lucky for UK, USA and Euro clients!).
  • Diary times are Queensland Australia, you may need to calculate your local time. Click here to convert. Current Queensland time is:

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